Tokyo Sky Tree

Hello bitches.

Bonzai Billy here with a little diddy bout da newest eye sore in the Tokyo Sky Line.

The Tokyo Sky Tree.

Now for all of your peasants out there that are living around or in Tokyo you are going to have to wait until May 22nd before you get to see the show.

But being a celebrity here in Japan and more specifically Tokyo I gots myself a free VIP tour.

Now I’s going to share some photos with ya.

This is the view from da base.

The ultra trippy view from the see through floor.

Luckily the VIP tour included  nomihodai (all you can drink). And trust me bitches I drank me share.

This is 340 meters up.

A pic from 350 meters.

Tokyo looks pretty pathetic from this high.

Pic from 450 meters bitches!

The top of Tokyo.

By this time I had me a nice little buzz going.

It takes me a good half a bottle of Suntory and 10 beers to make me feel right.

So there ya go.

Me little VIP trip to the Tokyo Sky Tree.

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