I have dedicated this page of the site for all of my fans to share their reviews of the best damn book about real life in Tokyo Japan bar none!


“Finally a book that deals with all of the bullshit involved with real life living in Japan. Bonzai Billy I tip my hat to you! ”   Steve Adams

“This book fucking rocks!!!”   Hank Black


” Finally someone has the balls to no sugar fucking coat what life is like in Tokyo.” Henry Bertrand


“I got to hand it to you Bonzai Billy when you said it was a no holds barred look at real life in Tokyo Japan you weren’t kidding. ” Trish Conrad


“Well I bought this book on a whim since I was considering on going over to Japan to teach some English. And I still can’t believe how damn accurate it really is. WOW!”  Stewart Jefferies


” I shit you not Bonzai Billy once I downloaded the book I did not stop until I was at the last page. When is there going to be Japanasty 2? ”  Ed Holler